About The Speaker - Lynn Pencek

Lynn Pencek brings a unique balance of industry knowledge and clinical experience to her presentations. As a member of the Nobel Biocare team, she helped offices bring in new technology and develop efficient workflows for dental implant treatment. Lynn has experience with surgical assisting, clinical workflows, digital case planning for guided surgery, account and inventory management, marketing, and patient education for case acceptance.

Lynn Pencek

Being a Dental Hygienist, Lynn wanted to learn more about the care and maintenance of dental implants than what was provided. Having a passion to unravel the questions and common misunderstandings dental hygienists have about dental implant maintenance Lynn has founded her company "Practice at your Best".

A Pioneer in Dental Ergonomics, Lynn studied performance logic at the University of Maryland. Working with Orascoptic, Lynn has helped thousands of clinicians correct their working posture and practice more comfortably with loupes, ergonomic seating, and illumination. In 1997, Lynn published the first article about Dental Hygienists using loupes, she has presented nationally about ergonomics and published internationally.

Lynn started her clinical career as a graduate of Broome County Community College Department of Dental Hygiene. She is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of Dental Hygiene and received her Master of Science in Dental Hygiene from University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Lynn has held Dental Hygiene faculty appointments at Thomas Jefferson University and Community College of Philadelphia.

She has served as a Corporate Council member for Dimensions in Dental Hygiene representing Nobel Biocare and Orascoptic. As a past president of the Philadelphia Dental Hygiene Society and a ten-year attendee of Career Fusion, Lynn has spent her career helping dental professionals explore options for having their best careers.

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What makes Lynn Pencek different?

Lynn is a clinician with industry experience and an education degree

What if I’ve never hosted a study group before?

Lynn has experience of working as an implant rep and meeting planner. She can help guide your organization through all steps of arranging your event.