Lynn Pencek, RDH, MS

Clinician & Educator

Helping Dental Professionals Practice at their Best

Lynn Pencek brings a unique balance of industry knowledge and clinical experience to her presentations. Together with Lynn, she will help you develop a program to best serve the needs of your referring offices in your study group.

Time allotment and curriculum can be customized with Live in-person, hands-on, or virtual options.

Benefits Of The Courses

All of the programs can be customized to fill the exact needs of your group from small to large, virtual, in-person, with or without hands on experience.

  • Help surgical and restoring practices work together, better

  • Helping Clinical Hygienist Make Confident Decisions For Dental Implant Maintenance

  • Optional Hands on Experience

Our Difference

About The Speaker

Lynn Pencek

Lynn Pencek brings a unique balance of industry knowledge and clinical experience to her presentations.

As a member of the Nobel Biocare team, she helped offices bring in new technology and develop efficient workflows for dental implant treatment.

Lynn has experience with surgical assisting, clinical workflows, digital case planning for guided surgery, account and inventory management, marketing, and patient education for case acceptance.


Dental Implants Basics And Maintenance

Once considered an elective for the privileged few, dental implants are now provided as a routine dental service. Long-term success for these patients is dependent on a collaborative effort with the dentist and dental hygienist, however, there is limited formal education about dental implant maintenance in the current United States dental hygiene curriculum.

Dental Implants

We are now 40 years since professor Brånemark introduced his research on osseointegration to the dental community. Dental Implants provide our patients with successful long-term restorative solutions for function, comfort, and aesthetics. Today, Dental Hygienists are seeing more patients with dental implants.

Vision And Ergonomics

This exciting class explores our vision and how it relates to patient care. The use of Magnification Loupes has become the standard of care for Dentistry and Dental Hygiene. This class will explain how our eye work, the different methods of correction for common visual conditions, reading glasses vs loupes, various methods of adjunct Illumination, and new technology to help us visualize oral cancer in its earliest stages.

RDH Career Advancements

It is not uncommon for Dental Hygienists to believe they are in a box when it comes to
career options. This dynamic one-hour class introduces options for dental hygienists on alternative practice settings, managerial options, and how to find corporations looking for your experience. Learn about fellow hygienists who have invented products, become sought-after-product experts, started consulting firms, moved their way up the corporate ladder, and (YES!) sold product design to NASA.



Highly Recommend Lynn - I first met Lynn when she was with Oroscoptic. Later on, I was very happy to hear that she was representing Nobel in Princeton area. We’ve had a very productive couple of years collaborating , and she’s the one got me restart placing Nobel implants. In addition, recently we were able to organize a sold out study club lecture. I would highly recommend Lynn.

Sushmitha Reddy, DDS

Dedicated!! - Lynn is one of the few people who we can’t work without. I started seeing her since she joined Nobel Biocare

. She is dedicated, always goes extra lengths to learn. She was always available whenever I needed her and also she goes above and beyond to help others. She just doesn’t come to sell but she shows the value of the product. She is not just sales person but way beyond for her clients . I don't think i will ever endorse anyone as much as I do her. I would look forward to every opportunity to work with her. Excellent gem in whatever she does. I have learnt so much from her especially her positivity and work ethics. Hands down i will recommend her to any company she works for.

Sarah Boylan, MBA

Great Speaker - I had the opportunity to partner with Lynn on multiple continuing education events. Her formal education, knowledge, years of clinical experience, and expertise made the events very informative and useful for our attendees. In addition, Lynn has a fabulous personality that allows people to feel comfortable asking questions and have a little fun too! If you’re looking for a great speaker to elevate your CE event, I highly recommend Lynn Pencek!


What makes Lynn Pencek different?

Lynn is a clinician with industry experience and an education degree

What if I’ve never hosted a study group before?

Lynn has experience of working as an implant rep and meeting planner. She can help guide your organization through all steps of arranging your event.

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